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Guitar for Kidz – Volume 3

Guitar for Kidz – Volume 3
AUD17.95 each

Guitar for Kidz Volume 3 – "Ensembles for Guitar, Music for Beginners"

Format: Digital Download (PDF and ZIP)

Even before the young student has completed Guitar For Kidz Volume 1, they are capable of experiencing the great pleasure of playing in groups with other guitarists.

This 66-page book with play-along backing tracks, consists of 10 great sounding pieces for small or large groups of guitarists all in their first or second year of learning. It is a fundamental introduction to ensemble playing for young students and is designed for group music-making despite the limited vocabulary that beginners may possess during their early days with the guitar.

The accompaniment backing for every song (all standard notation) allows the student to practice and hear their part in the context of the whole group, and each piece has a full-score with individual parts. The book's contents have also been successfully used for plectrum guitar players.

See a Preview of 13-pages of this book:





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