How to Play - Beginner Methods, Solo and Ensemble Repertoire, Sheet Music, and Essential Technique

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Generally, these are learning resources for use by teachers, guitar students, self-taught enthusiasts, and anyone who just loves the classical guitar – whether at a beginner or more advanced level. Utilised widely in private practice, schools, and college music programs, they have been acclaimed as some of the most effective instruction books written about how to play the classical guitar. User testimonials from around the world show that students of all ages find long-term enjoyment and a sense of achievement from learning to play guitar with these materials (see Reviews and Success).

Review excerpt -“The Art of Classical Guitar”

“Indeed, rarely has there been a tutor (book) with comparable attention to detail....(he) explains everything.....and it is this step-by-step approach which will give students a sense of security and achievement. When one is shown exactly what to do.... satisfaction and joy are almost automatic results”.

from International Journal of Music Education, Vol 21, p.100

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Top customer reviews (Amazon)

Fantastic Classical Guitar Curriculum for Kids!  As a guitar instructor with over 11 years teaching experience I have to say this is a very well designed curriculum. I have ordered nearly every book on Amazon tailored specifically for kids and this is the best one for learning to read music through a classical playing technique… it is mapped out better than…. the classical guitar curriculums for kids that I have been certified to teach for the last four years.

J.E. August 2017 (5.0 out of 5 stars


Facebook Feedback

Hi Peter

I have recently been using your “50 Short Pieces for The Beginner” (pub. 2019) with my students, and they love it! The studies develop good technique, sight-reading skills, and are fun to play. It is wonderful to have so many quality pieces in one book – thanks so much for producing this. Also thanks for your Ensemble books and the lovely pieces they contain, I have been using them for years.

Guitar Specialist Teacher (WA Dept Education)


Email Feedback

I love how you relate chords to playing arpeggios! I've read a hundred method books and none of them treat this important element as well, and mostly not at all. Beginning anything is always the first step and this is where most kids give up. 

Happily, adults can "re-start" with your approach.

Kudos! Bravo!

First United Classical Guitar Ensemble, Milwaukee Classical Guitar Society


Thank you Peter

I will purchase the remainder of your beginner series through Amazon. I really love the voicing’s you put over the melodies for young ones. It’s like you had us Guitar teachers in mind the whole time!! I have most of my beginner students working through 'Guitar for Kidz 1’. The chord voicing’s over Twinkle Little Star made my day !! The guide tracks are also great!

Teacher - Victoria

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