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Guitar for Kidz – Volume 1

Guitar for Kidz – Volume 1
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Guitar for Kidz Volume 1 – "Easy Melodies"

Format: Digital Download (PDF and ZIP)

This beginner's book with 76 play-along backing tracks is now widely used in education programs for young people starting lessons on guitar. It is highly regarded as an effective method which, through the discipline of practising with backing tracks, empowers any student to play enjoyable pieces of music with basic classical guitar technique from the very first tune in the book.

Although more mature-age students have also taken to this 62-page tutor book, it has been created in particular for young children beginning the guitar (approx. 7 to 12 years) and is intended to be used by the student through lessons with a private teacher - or perhaps through a school music-program that delivers instruction in small groups. Kids cannot teach themselves the classical guitar, so some form of good tuition is always necessary at this age to develop good enduring habits and technical skills.

The book is founded on the simplest basics of classical guitar methodology; reading and understanding rhythms, single-line melodies, then graduating onto easy two-part solo pieces using notes over all the 6 strings (standard music notation throughout). It is also possible to apply the book's contents to the plectrum style of guitar playing.

See a Preview of the first 20-pages of this book:





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