How to Play Guitar – Beginner Methods, Solo and Ensemble Repertoire, Sheet Music, and Essential Technique

Journal Critiques

"The pace of learning within these books by renowned teacher and guitarist Peter Altmeier-Mort has been superbly controlled. The material here is brilliant by virtue of its simplicity, and is entirely effective and musical."
The Australian Music Teacher Journal, review of 'The Art of Classical Guitar' series

"Here is a man who knows what is missing in a world awash with guitar publications...inspiring music to please a student with even the most basic of guitar skills." 
The Australian Music Teacher Journal, review of the "Guitar For Kidz" series.
Internet Guitar Forum Reviews

"I suggest Peter Altmeier-Mort's The Art of Classical guitar Vol. 1 is the best way to start classical guitar. Trust me".
Ultimate Guitar website forum

"The Art of Classical Guitar, by Peter Altmeier-Mort, has not been mentioned yet but this three volume method, of which I have only seen the first two volumes, comprises the most comprehensive, and progressive method that I have come across so far in the eighteen months since I started learning.

During that time I have acquired Noad (Solo guitar vol 1), Duncan (Three volumes), Shearer (vol 1), Sagreras (book one), Aguado, Sor, Parkening, Berg, Smith-Brindle (guitarcosmos), Tennant (pumping nylon), Iznaola (kitharologus), and others. If I could have only one it would definitely be Altmeier-Mort".
Guitar Forum

Student Comment:

"Thank you for writing probably the best Classical guitar books I've come across so far, and I hope you continue to write more."
Brett, student, Melbourne

"Your guitar method series (classical) is invaluable in offering a systematic study of the instrument by isolating the various components and piecing them together in a stepwise, goal-oriented fashion."

Jonathan, student, Singapore

"This is the best guitar teaching book (Vol 1 classical) I have ever come across. It is carefully graded, the steps are small and well explained, everything makes sense, the music theory is very helpful and at the end of the book one really feels one has achieved something." 

Vreni, student, Queensland, Australia

"I had great pleasure from your first book having worked through it with my teacher last year. With the enclosed cheque I would add my anticipation of the second volume."

Steve, student, Melbourne, Australia

"I would be very pleased to order a copy of the next book, Vol 2. I have enjoyed Vol 1 very much, I find your explanations and exercises really excellent."

Jane, student, England

"This book, The Art of Classical Guitar, has been the only one I have gone through from cover to cover. The lesson progression seemed very logical and achievable for me as a beginner. I always had the sense I was studying something very thoroughly with this book." 

David, student, Sydney Australia

Teacher Comment:

"I have been using The Art of Classical Guitar books for a couple of years now and have found them to be most successful."

Steven, Teacher, England

"I have used volumes 1 and 2 (Art of Classical Guitar) for my own study as well as teaching my own students and find them brilliant."
Bev, Teacher, West Australia

"Without doubt, I found this the most caring guitar tutor book (Art of Classical Guitar Vol 1) I've ever used."

William, Teacher, Sydney Australia

"I have been using the Guitar For Kidz series for 6 weeks now and have to say that these books are proving marvellous support material for children AND adults!"

Graham, Teacher, West Australia

"I have been using volume 2 of your Art of Classical Guitar book with students for a few years & I am very impressed with it. Just found your website & ordered Volume 1..... I'm pleased to know that it can be found online & looking forward to trying it with some students."
Gary, Teacher, Sydney, Australia






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