How to Play Guitar – Beginner Methods, Solo and Ensemble Repertoire, Sheet Music, and Essential Technique

Guitar for Kidz – Complete Set!

Guitar for Kidz – Complete Set!
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Format: Digital Download (PDF and ZIP)

Please Note! This product is in a digital format ONLY (i.e. select, pay, and download the PDF). Hard-copy editions are not available from this site but can be purchased from Amazon (worldwide), Hal Leonard Australia,, and Music Park Perth WA.

Get the Entire Guitar for Kidz Set!

Guitar for Kidz Volume 1 – "Easy Melodies"

Guitar for Kidz Volume 2 – "Easy Two-Part Solos"

Guitar for Kidz Volume 3 – "Ensembles for Guitar, Music for Beginners"

Guitar for Kidz Volume 4 – "More Ensembles for Guitar"

for a Special price.

Makes a great gift!






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