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"The Songs of Omar Khayyam" Sheet Music

"The Songs of Omar Khayyam" Sheet Music
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These songs are sourced from verses by the Persian poet, mathematician, and astronomer, Omar Khayyam (1048-1131).

This collection consists of 9 separate guitar and voice settings of various verses using the English translation done by Edward Fitzgerald in 1859 - the pieces may be performed in any combination and not necessarily as a whole cycle.

Listen to some samples:

{audio width:400}Songs of Omar Khayyam Vs 1 and 2|Songs-of-Omar-Khayam-Vs-1-2.mp3;Songs of Omar Khayyam Vs 18 and 19|Songs-of-Omar-Khayam-Vs-18-19.mp3;Songs of Omar Khayyam Vs 46|Songs-of-Omar-Khayam-Vs-46.mp3{/audio}

Lyrics, a score file, and vocal parts are all included.

This is a recently composed modern work and best suited for professional performing artists.

Format: Digital Download (PDF)

See a Preview of 11-pages of this book: