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Introducing Free Stroke

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Introducing Free Stroke is a comprehensive Handbook devoted entirely to the subject of free stroke in the context of playing arpeggios.

Introducing free stroke to any guitar student appropriately is the first step before right-hand arpeggio technique can be addressed. The book can be used by students already engaged with these techniques, as well as those who are about to start this instrumental topic for the first time. It is a resource that can be used at any time during the first years of the beginner’s technical development on guitar.

It contains great sounding exercises, duets, studies, and 18 solo repertoire pieces, all of which steadily form technical competency through precise steps that analyse and develop the ‘prepared’ and ‘unprepared’ methods of right-hand finger action used in the playing of arpeggios. These principles ensure important fundamentals of free stroke technique; a strong sound with a full tone, right-hand stability and accuracy, and tactile control over the strings.

Although intended for study with the guidance of a professional teacher, players not involved with a teacher can achieve satisfactory results through self-instruction by carefully using the comprehensive text and performance details offered throughout the book. It is presented in standard music notation only, and contains an informative chord-diagram appendix for beginners.

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